About Blue Ocean Maritime

Blue Ocean Maritime is a marine company dedicated to providing a diverse array of services to yachting and commercial boating owners and businesses.

Captain Bill Boone and Captain Ray Grenier hold 1600 Ton USCG and 3000 Ton International Ocean Master licenses and have 50 years combined experience and knowledge to bring about comprehensive solutions to many logistical and tactical issues in the industry.

Captain Boone served as the captain of the Forbes Highlander for 20 years. During his tenure, he engaged in all aspects of hosting and entertaining the world’s celebrities on board the Highlander, creating the perfect atmosphere for building successful business relationships. He managed and maintained a crew with a remarkable length of service, unsurpassed in the industry. Captain Boone is experienced in all aspects of yachting operations from vessel maintenance to shipyard operations and oversaw the 1996 Jon Bannenberg refit of the Highlander.

Captain Ray Grenier is likewise an experienced yacht captain, with trip planning, security, crew hiring and management experience among his skills. He has been the overseer of new builds, coordinating the layout and equipment of all ship systems, quality control and hiring of subcontractors as needed. He has a law enforcement background and is well versed in security procedures to help make a vessel safe. Captain Grenier also has multi-engine and instrument-rated pilot licenses.

Both captains share experience in security, operations, refits, delivery of vessels and shipyard management. Services are extended to all yacht owners as well as corporate and commercial vessels. The goal of Blue Ocean Maritime is to provide the best and most knowledgeable services to vessel owners. As experienced captains, they have a unique understanding of all levels of vessel systems, operations and logistics.

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